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With a production capacity of 130,000 t, the SQ Group is the world's largest manufacturer of furan resins. Benefit from our more than 30 years of experience!
SQ moulding binders are particularly suitable for the production of moulds and cores for high-quality grey cast iron, nodular cast iron and cast steel. They can be used in the most modern and efficient manufacturing processes - e.g. for quick resin applications with a breaking-off time of a few minutes to the filling of large moulding boxes using a continuous mixer.



Benefits of SQ binders:

  • The low level of free formaldehyde ensures a high degree of environmental compatibility and improved workplace conditions.
  • Rapid reactivity of the binder reduces production time and ensures high productivity.
  • Reduced binder and hardener addition reduce gas formation, ensure a smooth surface and result in high value products.

We offer a broad portfolio of resin-based binders:

  • Furfural
  • Furfural alcohol
  • Furan resin
  • Catalysts for furan resin systems
  • Cold box resins
  • Hot box resins
  • Alkaline phenolic resins
  • Polyurethane resins

Binders according to the customer’s wishes - we make it all possible!

Through the use of various amounts of furfuryl alcohol and other raw materials, we can meet any special needs of our customers when manufacturing binders. Furan resins are mainly used as binders for foundry sands. In addition, there are also other applications for which SQ produces binders:

  • For the production of fire-resistant products
  • Abrasives
  • Clutches and brake discs
  • For use in the construction industry and the paints and coatings industry